Paving Guide

Choosing the right paving is often overlooked in terms of maintenance and the vast range available, hopefully this guide of the most popular paving will help you choose what’s right for you.

Block Paving

Block paving is great when working to a budget and paving large areas due to the materials and the labour costs being lower than any other type of paving product, with so many companies manufacturing block paving the options are limitless when it comes to combining types of block paving with colour and design.

Block paving Liverpool

Over recent years block paving has received negative reviews due to improper installation, poor maintenance and the lack of information about sealing concrete products. One of the main issues with not applying a sealant is airborne seeds can get a foothold in between block paving and if left unchecked can spread quickly.

Block paving Liverpool


  • Great value for money.
  • Limitless design options available.
  • Reusable.
  • Easy to repair.
  • Sealant protects against weather damage and unwanted weed growth.


  • If sealant isn’t applied, airborne seeds become lodged in the sand filled joints and grow with ease.
  • Very porous and prone to weather erosion if left unsealed.
  • The need to reseal every 2-8 years depending on type of sealant used.

Click the link below to find out more about sealing block paving.

Sandstone Paving

Sandstone Paving is again great value, they are available in two types of flagstones and they come in various colours. One type is crafted by hand giving it a rippled texture finish, the other is calibrated making it more expensive than traditional sandstone.

Traditional Sandstone is the ultimate choice if you are wanting a rustic look for your garden or driveway, it’s attractive, durable and relatively easy to maintain.


There are multiple colours to choose from but please note, natural stone of the same colour can vary in shade from one paving stone to another.

The only downside to sandstone paving is the fact it is slightly porous, this meaning dirt can become embedded in the paving. Having said that it is relatively easy to clean to bring back the natural colour with a jet wash every 2-3 years or use a sealant to keep dirt out.



  • Durable and relatively easy to clean.
  • Traditional sandstone is very reasonably priced and also ideal for rustic gardens and driveways
  • Sawn sandstone is good choice for contemporary gardens.


  • The need to jet wash or seal every few years.
  • Sawn sandstone costs about 30% more than traditional sandstone paving.

Interested in sandstone paving? Find out more from our local supplier in the link below.

Limestone Paving

Limestone Paving is manufactured in the same way as sandstone paving but is a lot smoother although a little bit more expensive than traditional sandstone the colours are striking and bold. Limestone paving is ideal for rustic or contemporary gardens and driveways.

With limestone being slightly denser than sandstone the porosity level is slightly lower therefore making maintenance that little bit easier. Please note, some colours may fade when exposed to sunlight with black limestone being the most noticeable, so we strongly advise sealing black limestone to lock the colour in.



  • Bold rich colours.
  • Durable and easy to maintain.
  • Smooth texture.


  • Colours can fade if left unsealed.
  • Prone to slight imperfections.

Click the link below to discover some of the history about limestone and how it’s formed.

Porcelain Paving

Porcelain Paving is relatively new to the landscaping industry, it’s extremely durable, practically waterproof and available in a very wide range of colours and textures. If you want a patio or driveway that requires little to no maintenance, then porcelain paving is definitely for you.


Porcelain paving is in our opinion, fantastic but most manufacturers don’t give you the option to have a random laid pattern in every colour, as a large amount of porcelain paving is only available in 600mm x 600mm tiles.



  • Little to no maintenance.
  • Vast range to choose from.
  • Water and scratch resistant.
  • The look and feel of some types of granite paving without the extra cost.


  • Some colours are only available in one size.
  • Large price variations from one brand to another.

With so many paving product to choose from, endless design options and the possibility’s of mixing different types of paving, you truly can have a garden or driveway that is unique to you.

This guide only touches on the most popular paving products and is for guidance purposes only.